JESENiA is a NYC-based humorist and eternal comedy student, character actress, comedy writer, singer and host.

Having twenty years of TV, film, and theater credits under her belt, JESENiA has gained awards as the two-time winner of NBC's Monologue Slam and has been featured in "The Affair" on Showtime and "The Guestbook" on TBS.

You can find her character work with her most notable gender-bending character "Ricardo Montalban” on the web series, "Becoming Ricardo"; and several other of her original characters in sketches and musical parodies she's written and produced under her production company, Comedy High Productions and sketch comedy troupe Ay Que Funny.

JESENiA is no stranger to the mic, having performed stand-up comedy througout NYC and co-hosted comedic podcasts "The Fixxx", "Comedy Girls" and CafeMom's "Splitting Upward". 

Her comedy roots stem from her admiration of comedian Chris Farley and her hilarious family, she has comedy heavily rooted in her blood!

actress •• Singer •• Comedy Writer •• Host